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Mondia Alliance's portfolio transferred to Univins and Spirits.

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Montreal, June 16, 2017 – Maison des Futailles announced today that it has entered into an agreement through which the supplier portfolio of its subsidiary Mondia Alliance will be transferred to Univins and Spirits. This partnership will enable Maison des Futailles to refocus its operations and brand development as well as rapidly advance its development on a national and international scale, all while positioning Univins and Spirits as Quebec’s leading wine and spirits agency.

In concrete terms, the agreement provides for the merging of part of Mondia Alliance’s Sales and Marketing team with Univins and Spirits’ team. This move takes place in a context of consolidation and continuous change that has been shaping Canada’s alcohol marketing industry.

Global growth of 90% for Univins and Spirits
For Univins and Spirits, this agreement aligns with a growth strategy initiated in 2015 with the goal to expand national outreach, namely by further developing the spirits industry and expanding their product offering. This partnership will double retail sales in Canada. What’s more, sale volumes will reach 1.9M cases per year, representing retail sales of $320 M.

“Univins and Spirits is better positioned than ever on the Quebec and Canadian
markets,” states Daniel Richard, President of Univins. He mentions that Univins and Spirits will thus become the 10th most prominent player in all of Canada. “With our geographical coverage, our nationwide transport and logistics network, and our enhanced product line, we are now more than ever a national leader for foreign and local buyers alike. Our positioning addresses market demands that are rapidly changing: stakeholders are seeking to limit the number of persons involved while benefiting from marketing strategies that are adapted to local realities. That’s exactly what Univins and Spirits puts forward.”

Speeding up development for Maison des Futailles
By allowing Maison des Futailles to refocus its efforts on wine and spirits brand
development both in Canada and worldwide, this agreement provides the necessary resources to speed up growth while strengthening its position in food retail networks. 

“We are very pleased to team up with Univins and Spirits, a first-rate agency that will allow us to accelerate our expansion on the Canadian scene” comments Sylvain Fontaine, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Maison des Futailles.“By creating a unified sales team which combines the strengths of our two organizations, we are better able to develop and support brands on a national level while pursuing the development strategy outside Quebec that we initiated in 2010.”

About Univins and Spirits
Univins and Spirits is a nationwide wine and spirits agency with solid roots across Canada. With 25 years of experience and an extensive national and international network, the agency is able to achieve great success in rolling out the brands it represents. This Montreal-based agency generates yearly retail sales of $320M.

About Maison des Futailles
Based in Boucherville, Maison des Futailles offers a highly diversified portfolio of over 250 products including wine, spirits, ready-to-drink beverages and speciality products. Selling nearly 2M cases per year in Canada, the company ranks as the 4th largest wine producer nationwide and 2nd in Quebec. It also stands as one of the country’s leading spirits producers.

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Sylvain Fontaine
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Maison des Futailles
450-645-9777, ext. 4216

Josiane Leclerc
Senior Manager, Operations and Communications
Univins and Spirits
514-522-5339, ext. 247


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